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Supporting the natural, physiological birth process.

Meet the Doula

“When both are undrugged and quiet, fully present and alert, new potentials are invoked, and we discover more about ourselves and the sacred-and biological-origins of our capacity to love.”
- Sarah Buckley

Offering individual education, resources and support to mamas through pregnancy, labor and birth.

Meet The Doula

I have felt the call to birth work long before my first pregnancy. I would binge watch the show, Call The Midwife, and watch birth videos on YouTube. I couldn't get enough. Conception, to birth is so beautiful. God has given us women the power and capability to grow life and give birth. My goal is to give you all the tools you will need to be confident, educated, grounded and supported.

I am married to the love of my life, Michael. We have been together for 8 years. We have two beautiful little boys together, Chayton and Mager. With my first pregnancy I threw around the idea of wanting a homebirth but did not know where to start or how to go about it. So I did what most everyone in our modern society does, and called an OB and had a hospital birth. When I got pregnant with our second baby, we knew we were going to have a homebirth . Our second baby boy arrived earth side in our home, into his daddies hands. The experience from his birth was a dream. It was peaceful, and empowering. After our homebirth experience, I finally decided to pursue that calling. I want to bridge the gap; spread the word and beauty of unmedicated birth, and guide women to feel empowered, and supported.

 I am passionate about..
  • Undisturbed-as-possible birth. 
  • Women learning and finding their power and capabilities. 
  • Breastfeeding
  • Bonding & Attachment
No matter what arises in ones pregnancy, you always have options.
This is such a beautiful transformative time in a woman's life.

More about Me

I love the outdoors, anything that has to do with homesteading, cows, crafting, reading, decorating, thrifting, creating things myself, health, pregnancy/ birth and being with my beautiful little tribe.

My Philosophy on Birth

I believe in the natural human process of birth.

My Training
  1.  The Birth Warrior Project- Doula Training through Indie Birth
  2. Global Education of the midwife (GEM) Doula hands on Training. 

Birth is raw. Birth is beautiful. Birth is sacred. Birth is a spiritual experience.


 Birth Packages


  • Leavenworth, Kansas, United States


Should I schedule a consultation?

Thank you so much for browsing here and considering a free consultation with me. I love that you are exploring your options and I have prepared this section in hopes to help you decide if I may be the best match for YOU. I am passionate about serving families and empowering them to have natural, safe and peaceful births. Consults are generally scheduled a week in advance to work with both of our schedules. I do ask, if after reading through this section, that you still wish to move forward with a consultation that you spend some time thinking about what you want for this birth and discussing these things with your partner.

You should schedule a consult with me IF...

  • you desire a gentle and peaceful birth.
  • you and your partner want support and education throughout your pregnancy.
  • you and your partner desire support during labor and birth.
  • You desire encouragement and support with breastfeeding.

I am filled with so much joy to be able to do this work and help other mamas. I love that you have stopped by and considered working with me.

Just a mama, here to support other mamas<3